Vygies: Gems of the veld

Auteurs : E.J. van Jaarsveld, U. de Villiers Piennar
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p.30-31 Acrodon duplessiae (L.Bolus) Glen is now a synonym of Acrodon bellidiflorus (L.) N.E. Brown (see Hartmann (1997), Bradleya 14: 29-34)
Acrodon purpureostylus (L.Bolus) Burgoyne (Aloe 35 (2): 61 (1998)) (syn. Cerochlamys purpureostyla (L.Bolus) Hartmann, Bradleya 16: 56 (1998))

p.32 Aloinopsis luckhoffii L.Bolus is Titanopsis luckhoffii L.Bolus.
Aloinopsis lodewykii L.Bolus is a synonym of Titanopsis luckhoffii L.Bolus.
The plant illustrated as Aloinopsis lodewykii does not agree with the original description by L.Bolus. Most likely is Titanopsis schwantesii (Dinter) Schwantes.
The varieties A. schooneesii var. acutipetala L.Bolus and A.schooneesii var. willowmorensis L.Bolus are not considered distinct from typical A.schooneesii L.Bolus
The former Aloinopsis hilmari L.Bolus and A.peersii L.Bolus are now Deilanthe hilmari (L.Bolus) Hartmann and Deilanthe peersii (L.Bolus) N.E. Brown (p.80).
The former Aloinopsis orpenii (N.E. Brown) L.Bolus is now again Prepodesma orpinii N.E. Brown (p.175)

p.55-56 There is a mix up with the names of the two recognized Carruanthus species.
Carruanthus caninus (L.) Schwantes is a synonym of Carruanthus ringens (L.) Boom
The plant illustrated as Carruanthus ringens is actually Carruanthus peersii L. Bolus (syn. Tischleria peersii (L.Bolus) Schwantes)

p.62 Cerochlamys pachyphylla var. albiflora Jacobsen is not a validly published name. (see Hartmann (1998), Bradleya 16: 53, 56)

p.76 Corpuscularia congesta and Corpuscularia minima are not valid names.
The species are presently Delosperma congestum L.Bolus and Delosperma minimum Lavis.

p.79 Dactylopsis digitata (Aiton) N.E. Brown is now Phyllobolus digitatus (Aiton) Gerbaulet (Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 119 (2): 174 (1997))
Dactylopsis littlewoodii L.Bolus is now Phyllobolus digitatus ssp. littlewoodii (L.Bolus) Gerbaulet (Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 119 (2): 176 (1997))

p.81-85 Several species presently in Delosperma (including D.angustifolium L.Bolus) will be transferred to Corpuscularia.
Delosperma taylori (N.E. Brown) L.Bolus is Corpuscularia taylori (N.E. Brown) Schwantes
The plant illustrated as Delosperma ashtonii appears to be Delosperma cooperi (J.D. Hooker) L.Bolus
The plant illustrated as D.sp. van Reenen's Pass Kwazulu Natal appears to be Delosperma carolinense N.E. Brown or a close ally.

p.95 Drosanthemopsis Rauschert has been united with Jacobsenia L.Bolus & Schwantes by Ihlenfeldt (1997) (Mitt. Inst. Allg. Bot. Hamburg 27: 109-126.)
Drosanthemopsis vaginata (L.Bolus) Rauschert is now Jacobsenia vaginata (L.Bolus) Ihlenfeldt (Mitt. Inst. Allg. Bot. Hamburg 27: 124 (1997))

p.106-107 Faucaria albidens N.E. Brown and F.paucidens N.E. Brown are now considered synonyms of F.bosscheana (A.Berger) Schwantes. (see Groen & Van Der Maesen (1999) Bothalia 29 (1): 35-58.)
Faucaria britteniae L.Bolus is now Faucaria felina ssp. britteniae (L.Bolus) Groen (Bothalia 29 (1): 42 (1999))
Faucaria tuberculosa (Rolfe) Schwantes is now Faucaria felina ssp. tuberculosa (Rolfe) Groen (Bothalia 29 (1): 42 (1999))

p.156 The capsules of Meyerophytum Schwantes are 5-6 locular.

p.163 The capsules of Octopoma are 6-8 locular but typically are 8 locular as the generic name suggests.
Octopoma calycinum L.Bolus is now Zeuktophyllum calycinum (L.Bolus) Hartmann (Bradleya 16: 88 (1998)).

p.180-187 Many of the species formerly included in Ruschia are now in other genera.
Ruschia amoena Schwantes is now Antimima amoena (Schwantes) Hartmann (Bothalia 28 (1): 70 (1998))
Ruschia piscodora L.Bolus is now Antimima piscodora (L.Bolus) Hartmann (Bothalia 28 (1): 78 (1998))

p.202 Titanopsis primosii L.Bolus ex H.Herre is not a validly published name. Plants grown under that name represent the southernmost population of Titanopsis schwantesii (Dinter) Schwantes.

p.203-205 The species in Trichodiadema that lack the apical diadem on the leaf (including T.attonsum (L.Bolus) Schwantes, T.fergusoniae L.Bolus, T.hallii L.Bolus & T.pygmaeum L.Bolus) will be transferred to Drosanthemum.