Help the librarians…


We need proofreaders! Digital processing of books is still a difficult task because errors other than those of the author can be introduced. Proofreading consists in:

  • Tracking misspellings, grammar errors, misprints…
  • Correcting any error (page interchange, caption misplaced, layout…).
  • Comparing with the original to make the copy as identical as possible, except the author's errors and the possible corrections that he published.

NB: It is a long and heavy work. Do it only if you are sure to conclude! Its is better to proofread carefully a few pages than to proofread badly the whole book.

You find a mistake (or several…)

  • Be sure that it is really an error by comparing with the original (file …_O.pdf)
  • send us by mail (biblio6@cactuspro.com) the description of the mistake and the correction.

NB: Knowledge progress since the work was published may prove that the author was wrong. This is not a “mistake” that deserves correction however.

You are interested in rights

  • Help us to find and to contact the interested parties.

You are interested in computer

  • Help us to digitalize, recognize text, process images, formatting…
  • For that purpose, use high level softwares only.

Thanks for your help!

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