Alwin Berger (1871-1931)

He was the author of several books devoted either to succulents or to cacti.

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Published in 1915, this is an interesting contribution with 48 B&W pictures

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Right: Agave latissima (Extracted from the pdf of the link above)

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Published in 1905, In the Annual Report of the Missouri Botanical Garden. He proposed to split the Cereus genus of Schumann as defined 5 years before into several subgenera that were then recognized (or resurected) as genera By Britton and Rose 15 years later.

Right: Alwin Berger. Kakteen von A bis Z, Walther Haage, Neumann, 1983.

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Published in 1929, this is an exhaustive contribution (334 pages, 104 B&W pictures) of an unsufficiently known author who had a broad scientific. knowledge

Right: Ariocarpus trigonus (p. 333)

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