Jean-René Catrix

Thanks to Jean-René to offer his book published in 1988.

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This book (220 pages) describes cacti and other succulents in a very simple way for beginners as well as specialized enthusiasts interested in culture tricks and historical aspects. Some data are now out of date because they are too old (plant and seed retailers, cactus clubs, phytosanitary products…), but the book is still of great value owing to the number of subjects that are dealt with. There are no plant photos, but many very nice drawings by Thérèse Ayrinhac.

Under copyright

This book, 110 pages long, is a biography of F. A. C. Weber. It is a companion book to the two volumes devoted to Weber's work entitled “Travaux consacrés aux Cactus et Agaves” and available from this e-library.
The book describes Weber's life, the interactions between his regular job (medical doctor in the French army), his interest in botany, his worldwide relatisonships with botanists and amateurs, and the historical context.

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