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What does the Creative Commons (CC) license allow me to do?

Here's a summary of the license rules:

  • No commercial use - you cannot use our files to make money, or for any commercial endeavor, without prior approval. Please feel free to use the files of documents in the public domain for your presentations, academic materials, non-profit publications, or non-profit web sites. If you print a file, please insert a printed copy of this page at the beginning of your document.
  • Provide attribution - we prefer “… courtesy Cactuspro. https://www.cactuspro.com/biblio/”.

This license applies only to files stored within Cactuspro. It does not apply to files at other sites that are linked from cactuspro.

Meaning of the copyright flags

The original is in the public domain. Use the files as indicated above and in the Creatice Common license (or comply with the rule of the site linked from cactuspro).

The original is in an undetermined copyright state. Be careful!

The original is under copyright. Please, do not distribute the file yourself, give the address of the relevant cactuspro web page instead!

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