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Curtis's Botanical Magazine

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The “Curtis's Botanical Magazine” is published since 1787 (or 1790). It was long the reference for colour plates representing plants. The colour plates and text devoted to cacti and other succulents are made available in the files below.

Cacti (Cactus, Cereus, Echinocactus, Echinopsis, Epiphyllum, Lepismium, Leuchtenbergia, Mammillaria, Melocactus, Opuntia, Pereskia, Phyllocactus, Rhipsalis):

Other succulents (Adenium, Aechmea, Agave, Aloe, Anacampseros, Apteranthes, Asclepias, Beschorneria, Billbergia, Boucerosia, Brachystelma, Bryophyllum, Caraguata, Caralluma, Centrostemma, Ceropegia, Cotyledon, Crassula, Dasylirion(ium), Decabelone, Dictyanthus, Dorstenia, Duvalia, Dyckia, Echeveria, Echidnopsis, Echinostachys, Euphorbia, Fouquieria, Fourcroia, Furcraea, Gasteria, Grammanthes, Greenovia, Guzmannia, Haworthia, Hoodia, Hoya, Huernia, Jatropha, Kalanchoe, Karatas, Kniphofia, Lamprocroccus, Marsdenia, Mesembrianthemum, Microloma, Monadenium, Neoglazovia, Nidularium, Pachyphytum, Pachypodium, Pitcairnia, Plocostemma, Portulaca, Puya, Rhodostachys, Sedum, Sempervivum, Stapelia, Talinum, Tillandsia, Trichocaulon, Tritoma, Vitis, Welwitschia, Wittia, Wittmackia, Yucca):

  • Genus and species must be considered in the historical context (mainly 19th century).

1) You will find there for free other old documents concerning plants.
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