Edwards's Botanical Register

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Initially published as Botanical Register from 1815 to 1828 (vol. 1 to 14), it becames Edwards's Botanical register in 1829 (vol. 15). Publication stopped in 1847 (vol. 33). The very nice plates that illustrate cacti and succulents of both series are given here as a single interpreted file.

This series was created by Sydenham Edwards after a dispute with the editorial board of the (Curtis's) Botanical Magazine. This explains why Edwards's register looks like a clone of Curtis's Magazine.

  • The file is made from the material proposed by the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL).
  • You may download the original pages as jpeg files (text and plates) from the BHL site. Individual volumes are also available as pdf files that contains the jpeg images. 1)

  • Genus and species must be considered in the historical context (mainly 19th century).

You will find there for free other old documents concerning plants.
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