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Fabián Font

Photo album of Cactaceae from Dr. Carlos Spegazzini in the Herbarium of the Museum of Pharmacobotany “Juan A. Domínguez” (BAF)

Thanks to Fabián Font for providing supplementary material to his work.

Under copyright (With authorization)

This is a historical article published in Dominguezia, which presents reproductions of many original photos of Spegazzini (1858-1926) found in his personal compendium that was conserved by his son in law José Fortunato Molfino at the Faculy of Pharmacy in Buenos Aires. For instance, one may find the original photo used by Britton and Rose to illustrate Rebutia minuscula (see at right), with a comment written by Spegazzini that was unknown up to now.

Fabián provides Au Cactus Francophone with two supplementary files:

These files refer to three other references to Spegazzini's work:

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