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      * Volume 3: coming soon.      * Volume 3: coming soon.
      * …      * …
 +**__How to get a printed copy?__**\\ 
 +If you want a printed copy of the pdf for about 30 €, you may order it from the German company "Wir-machen-Druck" via your computer. You must first download a special pdf (PDF/X standard) file designed for printing; be patient the files are heavy:
 +    * Volume 1, PDF/X: [[https://www.cactuspro.com/biblio_fichiers/pdf/Gertel/Gertel_slidesV1-Spiral-2021-03-04.pdf|Gertel_slidesV1-Spiral-2021-03-04.pdf]] (625MB, 2021-04-16)
 +    * Volume 2, PDF/X: [[https://www.cactuspro.com/biblio_fichiers/pdf/Gertel/Gertel_slidesV2-Spiral-2021-03-30.pdf|Gertel_slidesV2-Spiral-2021-03-30.pdf]] (678MB, 2021-04-16)
 +Then you will connect to the printing company as described in the following file: [[https://www.cactuspro.com/biblio_fichiers/pdf/Gertel/Gertel_Sulcorebutia-EN.odt|Gertel_Sulcorebutia-EN.odt]]. It gives the web address of the company and a detailed description of how to do if you don't speak German.
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