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Carl Curt Hosseus (1878-1950)

Thanks to Roberto Kiesling who has provided the scans of these publications.

Notas sobre Cactáceas Argentinas

No copyright (public domain)

Hosseus was born in Germany in 1878. He emigrated to Argentina in 1913. In 1916 he got a position of Professor at the University of Córdoba. In addition to the lectures at the University he made many field trips in west and north-west Argentina using trains, cars and mules, and reaching remote areas that are still difficult to reach today.
He was interested in mosses, lichens and cacti, and the present book is his main contribution to the later subject. He was corresponding with many european specialists (Werdermann, Haage, Vaupel…) to whom he has sent plants; he had also contact with C. Osten, but contacts with Spegazzini remain unclear.
The book describes the plants known or found in the '30 and the author discusses the plants within the context of Schumann, Britton and Rose and Spegazzini classifications. The personnal opinion of Hosseus about these plants and his field data make the value of this book. Unfortunately, because Hosseus was a German native, the book contains a lot of misprints and Spanish misspellings. Many have been corrected in the hidden text layer of the pdf, in order to make searching and reading easier.
The book is made of 150 pages of text and 11 black & white plates of average quality.

Apuntes sobre las Cactáceas

No copyright (public domain)

This is the first publication of Hosseus devoted to cacti. It is 30 pages long with 13 black and white pictures. Hosseus was in Argentina for about 10 years when he wrote this publication. This probably explain the frequent Spanish mistakes.

1) , 2) The file contains a “searchable” layer of interpreted text. Corrections are indicated in red when the layer “comment” is made visible.
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