Hermann Jacobsen (1898-1978)

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The “Handbuch der sukkulenten Pflanzen” was published in three volumes in the years 1954 and 1955. This landmark publication for the first time brought together short descriptions and synonmies of all succulent plants other than cacti – prior to this, individual treatments of families or genera were scattered in separate treatments (esp. those by Alwin Berger's contributions on Agave, Euphorbias, Aloe and related genera, stapeliads, etc.). The general concept (presentation by alphabetical sequence of genera, omission of publication details, inclusion of photos of selected species) built on the layout of an earlier book by H. Jacobsen, “Die Sukkulenten” (1933), which covered the species then in cultivation. The “Handbuch” interestingly singled out the Mesembs, which were treated in a separate volume (vol. 3, 1955), while all other “other succulents” were presented in a single alphabetical sequence of genera – Adromischus to Euphorbia in vol. 1, Fockea to Zygophyllum in vol. 2 (both 1954). The “Handbuch” was translated into English in 1960. A condensed updated version was published in 1970 a one-volume “Sukkulentenlexikon” (English translation 1975 ['1974']; revised 2. German edition 1981).
Note: the book contains many misprints. They have not been corrected upon OCR.

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