Lois Jammes, Martin Specht, Oscar Tintaya

Thanks to Lois and Martin who accepted to make this new edition of their book.

Under copyright

This book (98 pages, 100 pictures) relates various aspects of the Salar: geology, people, plants, animals, and… Aymara legends. It is a simple and personal account, deliberately poetic and environment friendly rather than scientific, yet rigorous. It makes you want to go and see the landscapes and meet the inhabitants, including cacti.
In 1998, the authors, who lived in Santa Cruz, stacked their bikes in a tiny plane, flew over the Andes without oxygen masks and landed on the Salar. While the geologist, Martin, was biking with 2 friends on the white — but not so flat — surface for a few days, the pilot, Lois, refugee with his plane on an “island” of the Salar, tasted the absolute loneliness in the immensity and the silence. “A very spiritual moment” he would later recall. For two different experiences, one goal: “We got to write about this very special place on Earth”. Two more players have been actively taking part in the book: Alan Hesse is a field biologist and ecologist specialized in educational comics about the environment; Oscar Tintaya is a renowned Aymara artist living in la Paz.
In 2000, the book was completed and distributed amongst the schools around the Salar. An English edition was made for tourists coming from all around the globe.
Finally, in 2018, Daniel, another member of the crazy poets (a tribe quite dispersed on earth) volunteered to revisit the book, out of print for a long time, and publish a French edition. Here is the story of the “Salar de Tunupa”…

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