Sukkulentenkunde — Jahrbücher der SKG

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The Schweizerische Kakteen-Gesellschaft (SKG) and Hans Jörg Krainz (Son of the editor) are gratefully acknowledged for the permission to reproduce this yearbook.
Thanks to Urs Eggli for providing the table of contents.

The presentation of this series by Urs Eggli is as follows:

It was Hans Krainz - then president and chairman of the Swiss Cactus Society (SKG) who promoted the publication of a total of 8 volumes (6 single volumes and 1 combined volume) of “Sukkulentenkunde”, called “Jahrbücher der Schweizerischen Kakteen-Gesellschaft” (Yearbooks of the Swiss Cactus Society) in a subtitle. In a difficult time, a first generally available specialized publication was thus created on the continent. “Sukkulentenkunde” was designed to publish larger scientific papers and many well-known authors made ample use of this possibility in the following years.
The publication of “Sukkulentenkunde” was made possible by the “Scientific Foundation” of the SKG, founded in 1943/44 by the Zürich branch of the SKG and the SKG itself. Availability of funds was very restricted in the first years, but with the help of “patronizing members” of the Foundation and some generous donations, the publication of the first volume, with 56 pages and contributions by 14 authors, eventua1ly became possible in 1947. 1500 copies have been printed of this first volume. Further volumes followed 1948 and 1949 and then in increasingly greater Intervals. The publication of all the 8 volumes was financed by the Scientific Foundation of the SKG, so to say by the lovers of succulent plants. As there was no intent to make any profit, the volumes should be sold at a relatively low price. Eventually, the last volume 7/8 of “Sukkulentenkunde” was published in 1963, with 141 pages and contributions by 19 authors.
All the 8 volumes had been edited by Hans Krainz, who has also contributed a number of papers and notes.

Table of contents by Urs Eggli (1985): Eggli-SukkJSKG.pdf (1.9MB; 2011-05-25)

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