Kakteen Sukkulenten

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Thanks to Pierre Braun, Marco Cristini, Karl Fickenscher, Gottfried Gutte, Konrad Müller, Fredi Pfeiffer, and Frank Wagner who participated in gathering the original issues.

The journal has been produced in Dresden, German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR) from 1964 until the German reunification in 1990. 1). After reunification Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten became the only journal. Initially (1964-65), the journal was composed of typewritten stapled pages, printed on a low quality paper available at that time. Within 2 years, an edition of much better quality appeared, and colored pictures were introduced. In 1973, the edition fully printed on glossy paper appeared.

The journal is poorly known except by native enthusiasts of East Germany. However, the authors and articles were as good a quality as in KuaS: an artificial frontier resulting from the 2nd world war could not segregate good from bad quality!

The editor was “Deutscher Kulturbund — Zentrale Kommission Natur und Heimat des Präsidialrates — Arbeitskreis Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten des Zentralen Fachausschusses Botanik” (German Culture Association - Central Commission for Nature and Homeland of the Presidential Council - Working Group Cacti and Other Succulents of the Central Botany Committee)
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