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  • Hans Jörg Krainz (author's son) and to Julia Walther of Kosmos publishing Company for their authorization to distribute this e-version.
  • Detlev Metzing and Rolf Märtin for their proofreading work.
  • Urs Eggli for help in preparing this e-version.

About 2000 pages were published by Krainz from 1966 to 1975, as periodic leaflets. Various authors such as Andreae, Buining, Buxbaum, Frank, Kladiwa participated in the work. It contains a lot of information although a part is now out of date.

The weight of the work explains why it is split into several files; besides an intruduction that lumps together various leaflets and a heavy chapter devoted to cactus morphology by Buxbaum, the other files contain plants or genera the names of which begin with the same letter.

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Interpreted Original
Introduction Krainz_Die_Kakteen_Intro.pdf (1,1MB; 2006-08-11) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_Intro_O.pdf (7,6MB; 2006-08-11)
Morphology Krainz_Die_Kakteen_Morph.pdf (11,9MB; 2006-08-11) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_Morph_O.pdf (31,8MB; 2006-08-11)
A Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantA.pdf (6,6MB; 2006-08-11) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantA_O.pdf (23,2MB; 2006-08-11)
B Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantB.pdf (4,8MB; 2006-08-11) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantB_O.pdf (18MB; 2006-08-11)
C Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantC.pdf (12,2MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantC_O.pdf (41,6MB; 2006-08-12)
D Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantD.pdf (2,7MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantD_O.pdf (9,8MB; 2006-08-12)
E Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantE.pdf (8,4MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantE_O.pdf ( 33MB; 2006-08-12)
F Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantF.pdf (6,3MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantF_O.pdf (20,7MB; 2006-08-12)
G Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantG.pdf (4,5MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantG_O.pdf (21,4MB; 2006-08-12)
H Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantH.pdf (3,8MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantH_O.pdf (15,6MB; 2006-08-12)
I Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantI.pdf (1,8MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantI_O.pdf (5,1MB; 2006-08-12)
J Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantJ.pdf (703,1KB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantJ_O.pdf (1,4MB; 2006-08-12)
L Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantL.pdf (4,4MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantL_O.pdf (17,6MB; 2006-08-12)
M Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantM.pdf (20,1MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantM_O.pdf (91,8MB; 2006-08-12)
N Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantN.pdf (10,1MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantN_O.pdf (36,5MB; 2006-08-12)
O Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantO.pdf (4,2MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantO_O.pdf (12,9MB; 2006-08-12)
P Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantP.pdf (8,5MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantP_O.pdf (30,5MB; 2006-08-12)
R Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantR.pdf (3,6MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantR_O.pdf (17,1MB; 2006-08-12)
S Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantS.pdf (3,4MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantS_O.pdf (10,2MB; 2006-08-12)
T Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantT.pdf (5,7MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantT_O.pdf (19,1MB; 2006-08-12)
U Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantU.pdf (2MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantU_O.pdf (3,9MB; 2006-08-12)
WZ Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantWZ.pdf (1,7MB; 2006-08-12) Krainz_Die_Kakteen_PlantWZ_O.pdf (7MB; 2006-08-12)
Eggli Index Eggli-KrainzIndex.pdf (48.5Mo; 2019-09-04)

The corrections issued along the years were taken into account in the interpreted files. Some of these are contradictory however. We were thus forced to take arbitrary decisions. The corrections are given in the “comment” layer as usual.

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