Jacques Lambert

Thanks to Jacques Lambert for accepting this electronic version of his book.

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Jacques Lambert is a Belgium enthusiast born in 1923. He was engineer (agronomy and chemistry) and worked in a brewery. The first hobby was focused on exotic fishes and he spent about 20 years visiting natural sites in central Africa. At the end of the '70s he left fishes for cacti and spent about 20 years visiting Argentina where he made about 10 trips and studied the plants in the wild. In 1992 he published his first book. In 1997 the second edition was issued and it is now proposed in our e-library. A glossary and 3 pictures have been added.

The book reviews many of the Argentinean cacti. The list is not exhaustive because Jacques only deals with the plants he was able to study (mostly in the wild). However, more than 200 plants are discussed and most are illustrated with a nice color picture taken in the wild. 277 pictures are distributed over 340 pages of the book. The plant descriptions are short and extremely accurate; the classification is sometimes personal. Although the book is more intended for specialists, the beginners will find many details that will help in plant identification and cultivation, and he will delight in the color pictures.

Right: Figure 73, Gymnocalycium calochlorum, San Sebastian (Cordoba).

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