Ludwig Pfeiffer & Friedrich Otto

Thanks to the Biblioteca digital del Real Jardín Botanico (CSIC) of Madrid who gave the permission to produce these files from their originals.

No copyright (Public domain)

After de Candolle and Redouté, this is another historical series of fine illustrations with the corresponding descriptions (in German and French). It is made of 12 sets containing 5 color plates each. It was edited from 1838 to 1850. Volume 1 comprises the 6 leading sets (from 1838 to 1843), volume 2 the 6 last sets (from 1845 to 1850).

Some of the originals of the Biblioteca digital del Real Jardín Botanico were lacking. They have been replaced by the originals from the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL).

Right: Opuntia brasiliensis, plate 29, volume 1.

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