Mario Rodríguez Rodríguez

Thanks to Mario, Marcelo and PROINPA.

Under copyright (With authorisation)

This book was published in 2005. 540 pages devoted to the life and work of Martín Cárdenas, illustrated with numerous photographs. The book is written in Spanish and is divided into three main parts. The first part is devoted to explorations in various regions of Bolivia and visits to botanical institutes around the world. The second part is devoted to Cardenas' work on several plant families, focusing on their importance (botanical, nutritional, medical and economic) for Bolivia. The final section is devoted to publications, awards, biography and comments on societies, museums and herbaria associated with Cardenas.

The author describes Martin Cardenas as an outstanding botanist and a sensitive man who cares about his country. A brief note on the author is available at http://libros-de-mariorodriguez.blogspot.com/.
I received this book from Mario in 2014. I immediately recognised it as a remarkable piece of work and wanted to make it available free of charge from our e-library. At the time, there were still a few copies for sale. It was also — and still is — difficult to correspond with Mario via emails sent to his son Marcelo. Mario was probably old and ill, as evidenced by his signature in the handwritten dedication. Today I haven't been able to reach Marcelo, and Mario has probably left us…

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