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Many thanks to Gordon Rowley and to Roy Mottram (on behalf of the British Cactus and Succulent Society of Grate Britain) for the authorization to reproduce this article.

Under copyright (with permission)

This article was published in The Cactus and Succulent Society Journal 1956-7. It is a detailed study of the plates of l'histoire des plantes grasses by Redouté and (de) Candolle. Beside an historical overview, the reader will find a list of synonyms (of the '50s!) to the names used by (de) Candolle.

Many thanks to Gordon Rowley and to Strawberry press (Helen Fellenbaum and David Schwartz, and… †Hermann) for the authorization to reproduce this text.

Under copyright (with permission)

As indicated in the title above, this is the introduction to the high quality fac simile edition of Lemaire's work. A masterpiece of historical knowledge by Gordon, a nice introduction to the full size reproduction of the most complete set of Lemaire's plates (1 plate more than in our e-library!).

Many thanks to the Gordon Rowley Foundation that granted permission to distribute this book.

Under copyright (with permission)

This book, of about 280 pages, was published in 1980. The first part explains how and why plants are named, and how and why they are described. The second part is devoted to the 28 families (suffix -aceae) of succulent plants. The end of the book presents a glossary, a general bibliography and an index. Although the “rules of the nomenclature game” have changed slightly since 1980, the book is still very useful and the clarity with Gordon Rowley's typical English humor makes it a must.

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