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Rainer Wahl

Lobivia 89

Under copyright (with permission)

Thanks to Rainer Wahl for accepting this e-version.
Opposite: Rainer and Walter.

Rainer Wahl is a Rebutia specialist and a close friend of Walter Rausch. He published a small booklet where the latin diagnoses of "Lobivia 85", some misprints corrections and Walter's field numbers are given.

The “translations” are in fact the original german descriptions made by Walter Rausch. There is thus some differences between the latin and german text. These differences are indicated as follows by red marks in the margin:

  • [Wahl:] indicates the german text given by Walter Rausch to Rainer Wahl.
  • [Diagnose:] indicates the translation of the latin diagnose.
  • The corresponding text is gieven within square brackets […].

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