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We still need an authorization of Werdermann's heirs. If you can help us to find some of them, please contact us

Blühende Kakteen und andere sukkulente Pflanzen

Under copyright (with permission) — All rights reserved — Verlag J. Neumann-Neudamm, Melsungen
Thanks to Neumann-Neudamm Publishing Company (Heiko Schwartz) for accepting these e-versions.

:gulzowiana_10.jpg In 1931 Werdermann published a continuation of the work of Schumann, Gürke and Vaupel. The plates were obtained from photos using the early Agfa color film.

Volume 1 (Plates 1 to 48)

Volume 2 (Plates 49 to 72)

Volume 3 (Plates 73 to 104)

Volume 4 (Plates 105 to 136)

Volume 5 (Plates 137 to 168)

Brasilien und seine Säulenkakteen

Under copyright.

This book was published in 1933 and it relates Werdermann's travel in Brazil. The first part of the book (70 pages) is a botanic and ethnographic diary; the second part (50 pages) is focused on cacti (Plant collection, herbar material, description…).

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