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Agave scaphoidea Greenman & Roush 1929

Publication New Agaves from southwestern United States, Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 16 : 391 (389-392) (30 décembre 1929).
Type : Palmer s.n., U.S.A., Utah, St. George, mai 1877, conservé au Missouri Botanical Garden de St Louis (U.S.A.) (MO 124604 : holotype).

Synonyme de

Agave utahensis Engelmann 1871


Description originale (Greenman & Roush 1929) :
"Specimens in the Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium from St. George, Utah, collected by Dr. Edward Palmer in 1877, were mentioned by Miss A. Isabel Mulford(1) as a thick-leaved form of Agave utahensis Engelm. and were designated by Dr. William Trelease as "A. utahensis var. nevadensis." However, the plant which Dr. Engelmann characterized and recorded in his unpublished notes as Agave utahensis var. nevadensis was collected by S. B. and W. F. Parish at Ivanpah, Mohave Desert, in May, 1882. A further study of the Palmer plant in the light of additional material shows that it is not only specifically distinct from A. utahensis and its variety nevadensis, but apparently represents an undescribed species belonging to the section Geminiflorae. The following description records the outstanding characters of the species:
Agave scaphoidea(2) Greenman & Roush, n. sp. Leaves linear-lanceolate, thick and rigid, openly concave, 12-35 cm. long, 1.5-3.5 cm. broad, slightly narrowed toward the base, minutely roughened on the surface, gradually attenuate above the middle; terminal spine stout, reddish-brown, pungent, 4 cm. long, openly grooved for about one-half its length and decurrent along the leaf-margin for nearly or quite 4 cm.; marginal prickles short-triangular, slightly curved, reddish-brown, papillate, about 3 cm. apart on the otherwise straight and herbaceous leaf-margins; inflorescence spicate; flowers in pairs, 3-3.5 cm. long; ovary 10-12 mm. long; tube of the perianth 6-8 mm. long, slender; perianth-segments oblong, 15-17 mm. long, obtusish; mature fruit not seen.—Utah: St. George, May, 1877, Ed. Palmer (Mo. Bot. Gard. Herb. Nos. 124604 type, 124605, 124606, 124607 in part).
This species has been confused hitherto with A. utahensis of Engelm. from which, however, it is clearly distinct as shown by the following tabulated characters:
Agave utahensis Leaf-margins sinuate. Prickles approximate, gray, friable. Terminal spine slender, 2 cm. long, grayish, involute for practically its entire lenght. Perianth-segments 10-12 mm. long, tube of the perianth 4-5 mm. long.
Agave scaphoidea Leaf-margins straight. Prickles remote, reddish, papillate, rigid. Terminal spine stout, 4 cm. long, reddish-brown, openly grooved for about one-half its length. Perianth-segments 15-17 mm. long, tube of the perianth 6-8 mm. long.
(1) Mulford, A. Isabel. Agaves of the United States. Rept. Mo. Bot. Gard. 7: 78. 1896.
(2) Agave scaphoidea Greenman & Roush, n. sp. Folia lineari-lanceolata, crassa et rigida, aperte concava, 12-35 cm. longa, 1.5-3.5 cm. lata, versus basin paulo angustata, utrinque minutissime aspera, supra mediam gradatim attenuata; spina terminali rigida, ferruginea, 4 cm. longa, plus minusve canaliculata, ad marginem folii decurrenti; aculeis brevi-triangularis, paululo curvatis, ferrugineis, papillosis, circiter 3 cm. remotis; inflorescentia spicata; floribus binis, 3-3.5 cm. longis; ovario 10-12 mm. longo; tubo perianthii 6-8 mm. longo, tenui; lobis perianthii oblongis, 15-17 mm. longis, obtusis; capsula ignota.— Utah: St. George, coll. of May, 1877, Ed. Palmer (Mo. Bot. Gard. Herb. Nos. 124604 type, 124605, 124606, 124607 in part)."


Agave : du grec agavos, noble, illustre, admirable, sans doute en référence à sa belle stature.
scaphoidea : du grec skaphê, barque, et eidos, aspect : en forme de barque, en référence à la forme des feuilles.

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Fiche créée le 26/09/2013.

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image disponible Agave (Linné)

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Aucune fiche.

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