Cephalocereus phaeacanthus (Gürke) Britton & Rose 1920

Publication The Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 2: 57, fig. 85, 86 (1920).
Basionyme Cereus phaeacanthus Gürke 1908

Synonyme de

Brasilicereus phaeacanthus (Gürke) Backeberg 1942


Publication originale:
"47. Cephalocereus phaeacanthus (Gürke).
Cereus phaeacanthus Gürke, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 18: 57. 1908.
Slender, usually branching at base, rarely branching above, more or less erect, often 4 meters high, the branches 4 to 9 cm. in diameter; ribs usually 13, low, narrow, bearing approximate areoles about 5 mm. apart, with acicular spines and small tufts of short white wool; spines numerous, when young yellowish brown, 1 to 1.5 cm. long; flowers 6 cm. long, slightly bent upward near the top of the tube, the limb 6 cm. broad when fully expanded; perianth-tube and ovary bearing several ovate scales; outer perianth-segments greenish brown; inner perianth-segments white, acute; upper series of stamens 2 cm. long; lower series of stamens 4 cm. long; filaments green; style white; fruit 1.5 cm. in diameter, smooth, somewhat tubercled; seeds 2 cm. long.
Type locality: Maracás, Bahia, Brazil.
Distribution: In thickets, State of Bahia, Brazil.
We have placed this species near the end of the genus, for it is very unlike the other species and may not be congeneric with them. It has very slender stems, low ribs, no long hairs at the flowering areoles, and a bent flower with a very small, flattened ovary.
Plate VIII, figure 3, shows the top of a plant brought by Dr. Rose from Toca da Onca, Brazil, in 1915. Figure 85 shows the flower, and figure 86 shows the fruit and withering perianth."


Cephalocereus: du grec kephalê, tête: cierge à céphalium.
phaeacanthus: du grec phaios, gris, sombre, et akantha, épine: à épines foncées.

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Brasilicereus phaeacanthus
Brasilicereus phaeacanthus

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image disponible Cephalocereus Pfeiffer

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