Cereus eruca Brandegee

Publication Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, Series 2, 2: 163, t. 7 (1889).

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Stenocereus eruca (Brandegee) A.C.Gibson & K.E.Horak


"CEREUS ERUCA. (Plate VII.) Prostrate, very rarely branched, 13-ribbed, 3-4 feet long, 3-4 inches in diameter; rooting from the under side of the older growth, decaying at one end and growing forward at the other, generally in patches of 20-30, probably originating from a common center: areolae 4-6 mm. in diameter, separated about the same distance: spines about 20, stout, ash-colored, less than an inch long, the exterior cylindrical, the interior stouter, angular, somewhat and the lower central one much flattened, more than an inch long, angular, strongly reflexed: flowers and fruit not seen. Common on the sand of Magdalena Island and about San Jorge. Its local name is “chilenola.” The manner of growth, with uplifted heads and prominent reflexed spines, gives the plants a resemblance to huge caterpillars. The flowers are said to be yellow."


Cereus: du latin cereus, cierge, en référence au port colonnaire de ces cactus.
eruca: du latin eruca, chenille, en référence au port rampant.

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image disponible Brandegee, Kate

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image disponible Cereus Miller 1754

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