Cereus grenadensis Britton & Rose

Publication The Cactaceae 2: 223 (-224), fig. 303 et 304 (1920).

Synonyme de

Cereus repandus (Linné) Miller


"23. Cereus grenadensis sp. nov.
Tall, much branched, up to 7 meters high, the trunk short, sometimes 2.5 dm. in diameter, the branches grayish green, erect-ascending, about 7 cm. in diameter, 7 to 9-ribbed, the ribs about 1 cm. high, transversely grooved above each areole; areoles about 1 cm. apart, borne in slight depressions of the ribs, gray-pulverulent spines about 17, subulate, straight, brownish or gray, the largest about 2 cm. long, the shortest about 3 mm., the central one often twice as long as any of the others; flowers many, borne towards the ends of the branches, about 7 cm. long, short-funnelform, open in the early morning, the buds rounded; outer perianth-segments with broad purple rounded or apiculate tips, the few inner ones rounded, purplish; ovary oblong, with a few naked areoles; stamens many, not exserted; immature fruit green, ellipsoid, 3 to 4 cm. long.
Collected on island of Grenada, British West Indies, by N.L. Britton and T. E. Hazen, February 24, 1920. Type from a slope on the harbor of St. George's.
As observed on the date of collection, this cactus is abundant about the harbor of St. George's and a conspicuous element of the vegetation; it was also studied on hills elsewhere in the southern part of the island, but only the type plant was seen in bloom. The species is closely related to Cereus repandus Miller of Curaçao, differing in its shorter spines, somewhat smaller, purple flowers, continuous unconstricted branches and transversely grooved ribs, and also to Cereus margaritensis Johnston of Margarita, from which it differs by straight spines, somewhat larger flowers, and grooved ribs. The fruit was said by negroes to be edible when ripe. It is called dildo, a common West Indian name for the tall-branching, cereus-like cacti.
Figure 303 shows the type plant; figure 304 shows one of its branches photographed by T. E. Hazen."


Cereus: du latin cereus, cierge, en référence au port colonnaire de ces cactus.
grenadensis: de la localité d'origine, l'île de Grenade dans les Caraïbes.

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image non disponible Britton, Nathaniel Lord
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image disponible Cereus Miller 1754

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