Cereus pringlei S.Watson 1885

Publication XIV-Contributions to American Botany-2.Descriptions of some New Species of Plants, chiefly from our Western Territories, Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 20: 368 (1885).
Type : Pringle s.n., Mexique, Sonora, au sud de la rivière Altar, à 75 miles au sud de la frontière, août 1844 conservé dans le Gray Herbarium de l'université de Harvard (U.S.A.) (GH: holotype et isotype) ainsi que dans l'herbier national belge de Meise, et les herbiers du Field Museum de Chicago (U.S.A.), des jardins botaniques royaux de Kew (Angleterre), de l'université de Jena (Allemagne), de Philadelphie (U.S.A.), du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de San Diego (U.S.A.), de l'herbier national américain du Smithsonian Institution (U.S.A.), et de l'université de Vienne (BR0000008427823, F0052856F, F0052857F, F0092175F, K000062738, JE00005983, PH00004087, SD00000474, US, WU: isotypes).

Synonyme de

Pachycereus pringlei (S.Watson) Britton & Rose 1909


Description originale:
"Cereus (Lepidocereus) Pringlei. Stems erect, irregularly branching above the base, and the branches also often divided, very stout and reaching a height of 20 or 30 feet or more, jointed; ribs usually 13, very rarely more; areolæ contiguous upon the ribs, oblong or lanceolate, the younger densely tomentose and with an outer circle of nearly erect more or less unequal ash-colored spines (mostly 6 to 9 lines long) and a central stouter one twice longer, all terete; the older areolæ naked, with about 15 dark flattened spines, mostly widely spreading, about an inch long, and deciduous : flowers lateral and scattered below the summit of the stem, 2½ inches long, the ovary and tube very densely covered with tawny hairs nearly or quite concealing the lanceolate scales and outer sepals ; petals spatulate, white tinged with green or purple, 6 lines long: fruit globose, 2 inches long, bearing the persistent flower and densely covered with globose cushions (4 or 5 lines in diameter) of dense tomentum intermixed with more or less numerous white bristly spines (½ inch long or less): seeds black and shining, obliquely oblong-ovate, 1½ lines long; hilum oblong, basilar. — This very interesting addition to the C. giganteus group was found by Mr. C. G. Pringle scattered over the hills and mesas south of the Altar River in Northwestern Sonora, within 75 miles of the boundary. It is of more ponderous habit than C. giganteus, and scarcely equalling it in height, with numerous branches starting within two or three feet of the ground. The number of ribs is fewer than in that species, and the flowers are not borne clustered at the summit, but scattered along the ribs for two or three feet below the top. The grooves are about two inches deep, and the ribs upon all the older portions of the branches have usually become quite thornless. The fruit (only remains have been collected) seems to burst irregularly at one side, or perhaps is altogether indehiscent."


Cereus: du latin cereus, cierge, en référence au port colonnaire de ces cactus.
pringlei: en l'honneur du botaniste américain Cyrus Guernsey Pringle (1838-1911), collecteur du type.

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Pachycereus pringlei
Pachycereus pringlei

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