Echinopsis shaferi Britton & Rose 1922

Publication The Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 3: 69(–70), fig. 87, 89 (12 octobre 1922).
Type : J.A. Shafer 101, Argentine, Tucuman, Trancas, “collected in sandy thickets”, 11 février 1917.

Synonyme de

Acanthocalycium leucanthum (Gillies ex Salm-Dyck) Schlumpberger 2012


A ne pas confondre avec Echinopsis aurea ssp. shaferi (Britton & Rose) M. Lowry 2005 dont le basionyme est Lobivia shaferi Britton & Rose 1922.
Publication originale (Britton & Rose 1922):
"17. Echinopsis shaferi sp. nov.
Simple, erect, cylindric, up to 1.5 meters high, 16 to 18 cm. in diameter, dark green; ribs 10 to 12, 2 cm. high, separated by acute intervals; areoles approximate, 1 cm. apart or less; radial spines straight, at first brownish, but gray in age, slender, subulate, 6 to 9, 1.5 to 3.5 cm. long, somewhat spreading; central spine solitary, 10 cm. long or less, ascending, somewhat curved, the upper ones more or less connivent over the top of the plant; flower slender, funnelform, 2 dm. long, white; filaments and style pale green; fruit ovoid, 3 cm. long, brick-red.
Collected by J. A. Shafer in sandy thickets, Trancas, Tucuman, Argentina, February 11, 1917 (No. 101).
This is the largest species of the genus known to us. It flowered at the New York Botanical Garden in June 1920. In the new growth the top is very woolly. The top of the growing plant is covered with a mass of brown wool arising from the closely set young areoles.
John Adolph Shafer (1863-1918), an enthusiastic botanical collector, was commissioned by Dr. Britton to visit Argentina in the winter of 1916–1917 and he obtained plants and specimens of great importance in our studies of the cacti.
Figure 89 is from a photograph taken by Dr. Shafer at Trancas, Argentina, in 1917; figure 87 shows the fruit of the plant photographed."


Echinopsis: du grec ekhinos, hérisson, oursin, et opsis, vue, vision, apparence: ressemblant à un oursin.
shaferi: en l'honneur du botaniste et collecteur de plantes états-unien John Adolph Shafer (1863-1918).

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Echinopsis shaferi
Echinopsis shaferi

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image non disponible Britton, Nathaniel Lord
image non disponible Rose, Joseph Nelson

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