Hylocereus stenopterus (F.A.C.Weber) Britton & Rose 1909

Publication The genus Cereus and its allies in North America, Contributions from the United States National Herbarium 12(10) : 429 (21 juillet 1909).
Basionyme Cereus stenopterus F.A.C.Weber 1902

Synonyme de

Selenicereus stenopterus (F.A.C.Weber) D.R.Hunt 2017


Publication originale (Britton & Rose 1909) :
« Hylocereus stenopterus (Weber).
Cereus stenopterus Weber, Bull. Mus. Nat. Hist. 8: 458. 1902.
Type locality: "Vallée de Tuis," Costa Rica.
Distribution: Costa Rica, Central America. »
Également The Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 2 : 190 (1920) :
« 11. Hylocereus stenopterus (Weber) Britton and Rose, Contr. U. S. Nat. Herb. 12: 429. 1909.
Cereus stenopterus Weber, Bull. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris 8: 458. 1902.
A weak vine, not rooting freely from the sides, at least in cultivation, the joints 4 cm. broad, light green in color, not glaucous; ribs 3, thin; areoles slightly elevated; spines 1 to 3, small, yellow; flower 10 to 12 cm. long, opening at night, closing very early (completely closed at 9 a. m.); tube short, about 2 cm. long; perianth-segments all similar, reddish purple, linear, about 7 cm. long; stamens short, exserted; style white, thick, much exserted; stigma-lobes white, when closed forming an ovoid acuminate cluster; scales on ovary and flower-tube orbicular or the upper ones narrowly ovate, green, with purple margins.
Type locality: Vallée de Tuis, Costa Rica.
Distribution: Costa Rica, Central America.
This species is common in Costa Rica, and in recent years has been widely distributed by several Costa Rican collectors; it grows well under glass, and flowers frequently. It is the only Hylocereus in cultivation with red flowers except H. extensus.
Plate XXVII, figure 3, is from a plant obtained by Mr. William R. Maxon in San José, Costa Rica, in 1906, which flowered at the New York Botanical Garden. Figure 267 is from a photograph of a specimen which flowered in Washington from specimens received from the New York Botanical Garden in 1910 (No. 22197). »


- Hylocereus : du grec ancien húlê, matière, bois : cierge (qui grimpe sur le) bois (les troncs des arbres).
- stenopterus : du grec ancien stenós, étroit, et pterón, aile : à ailes étroites, en référence aux côtes fines.

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Selenicereus stenopterus
Selenicereus stenopterus

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