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Fiche no 1664.
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Lemaireocereus eichlamii Britton & Rose

Publication The Cactaceae 2: 89, fig. 132 (1920).

Synonyme de

Stenocereus eichlamii (Britton & Rose) Buxbaum ex Bravo


"6. Lemaireocereus eichlamii nom. nov.
Cereus laevigatus guatemalensis Eichlam in Weingart, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 22:182. 1912. Not C. guatemalensis Vaupel.
Cylindric, simple in cultivation, deep green except for narrow glaucous bands showing the commencement of new growth; ribs 8 to 10, rather broad and rounded, with acute intervals between; areoles large, brown-felted at first, soon gray; spines 4 to 6, acicular, nearly porrect, 2 cm. long or less; flower-buds obtuse; flower 6 to 7 cm. long; outer perianth-segments greenish purple, obtuse, with serrulate margins; inner perianth-segments purple, 10 to 15 mm. long, widely spreading or even rolled backward; tube proper 15 to 18 mm. long, ribbed within; tube funnelform, 2.5 cm. long, its surface covered with stamens; filaments unequal, white, numerous; style slender, white below, orange above, included; ovary tuberculate, each tubercle crowned by a minute scale; areoles on the ovary bearing brown felt but no spines.
Type locality: Guatemala.
Distribution: Guatemala.
Illustration: Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 22:183, as Cereus laevigatus guatemalensis.
Figure 132 shows a plant in the collection of the New York Botanical Garden."

avec complément dans l'Appendix de The Cactaceae 4: 273, fig. 246 (1923):
"On page 89, vol.II, under Lemaireocereus eichlamii, add to the description:
Fruit globular, about 5 cm. in diameter, becoming dry, not edible, thin-skinned, filled with numerous large seeds, the surface bearing scattered areoles, these densely short-felted with clusters of short spines subtended by small, ovate, acute scales; seeds black, 4 to 5 mm. long with a prominent hilum.
Insert: This plant is much used for hedges in Salvador and was obtained there by Mr. Paul C. Standley in the vicinity of Sonsonate, altitude 220 to 300 meters, March 1922 (No. 22328), but was not seen in the wild state. It is called there órgano. This species heretofore has been known only from Guatemala and was not known to us in fruit; this differs from that of other species of Lemaireocereus in being rather dry with very large seeds.
Also insert: Figure 246 is from a photograph of the plant, sent by F. Eichlam in 1909 to Washington, which flowered in 1918."


Lemaireocereus: en l'honneur du botaniste français Charles Lemaire (1800-1871), cierge de Lemaire.
eichlamii: en l'honneur du botaniste allemand Friedrich Eichlam.

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Fiche créée le 08/12/2004.

Fiches de botanistes :

image non disponible Britton, Nathaniel Lord
image disponible Rose, Joseph Nelson

Fiche du genre :

image disponible Lemaireocereus (Britton & Rose)

Synonymes :

Aucune fiche.

Espèces du même genre :

image disponible Lemaireocereus hollianus (F.A.C.Weber) Britton & Rose