Mesembryanthemum orpenii N.E.Brown 1921

Publication Mesembryanthemum and some new Genera separated from it, Gardeners' Chronicle Ser. III, 70: 303, fig.133 (1921).
Type : Pole Evans 6910, Afrique du Sud, Northern Cape, Griqualand West, conservé dans l'herbier des jardins botaniques royaux de Kew (K: holotype).

Synonyme de

Prepodesma orpenii (N.E.Brown) N.E.Brown 1931


Description originale:
"*Mesembryanthemum Orpenii, N. E. Brown. Plant tufted, about 1½ inch high, including the flower. Leaves in about four pairs to a growth, crowded, ascending-spreading, 6 —14 lines long, 2½-4½, lines broad and 3—4½ lines thick, flat above, keeled down the back, being convex at the basal part and compressed at the apex, acute, with a minute point at the apex, glabrous, smooth, purplish or glaucous-green, with red margins and keel at the apical part, and thickly dotted with dark green. Peduncle 1-flowered, 4-5 lines long, 1⅓ line thick, terete, glabrous, reddish-tinted. Calyx 5-lobed' to the top of the ovary ; lobes subequal, 3—4½ lines long, 2—3 lines broad, ovate, obtuse or subacute, and the two outer with a short dorsal point, 2—3 of them with membranous margins, glabrous, rather dull dark green or purplish-tinted and dotted with darker green. Corolla, 1½ inch or more in diameter, expanding about 3 p.m. and closing about 6-6.30 p.m. (Greenwich time). Petals numerous, free almost to the base, in about four series, the outer reflexed, the inner slightly ascending-spreading, and the others spreading at different levels, 7—9 lines long, and ½—1 line broad, linear, acute, entire, bright clear yellow above, whitish-yellow on the back, shining. Stamens numerous, all with anthers, collected into a cylindric column four lines long; filaments light yellow, anthers of a darker yellow. Top of the ovary very convex, six-grooved. Style none; stigmas 6. about 4 lines long, as long as the stamens, filiform, with revolute tips, light yellow. A native of Griqualand West, discovered by Mr. Redmond Orpen at Campbell (Pole Evans, 6910). When in flower this is a very elegant species."


Mesembryanthemum: du grec mesembria, midi, et anthemon, fleur, en référence à l’ouverture des fleurs en plein soleil en milieu de journée.
orpenii: en l'honneur de Redmond Orpen, de Kleinzee (Afrique du Sud, Northern Cape).

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Aloinopsis orpenii
Aloinopsis orpenii

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