Pachycereus gaumeri Britton & Rose 1920

Publication The Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 2: 71 (9 septembre 1920).

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Pterocereus gaumeri (Britton & Rose) T.MacDougall & Miranda


Description originale: "4. Pachycereus (?) gaumeri sp. nov.
Plant slender, 2 to 7 meters high, erect, simple or few-branched; branches 4-angled or winged; ribs thin, 3 to 4 cm. high; areoles large, 1 to 2.5 cm. apart, brown-felted; spines several, slender, 1 to 3 cm. long. brownish; flowers yellowish green, 5 cm. long; scales of the ovary and flower-tube more or less foliaceous, drying black and thin, with brown felt in the areoles; scales on the ovary linear, puberulent; fruit not known.
This species is based on two collections, both made in Yucatan by George F. Gaumer, as follows: No. 23778 at Hodo, April 1917 (type), No. 648 at Port Silam, 1895. Dr Gaumer writes of these numbers as follows:
"As to my No. 23778 I sent many fine specimens of flowers and several cross-sections of a moderately large plant to Dr. Millspaugh. It grows erect, has few branches, many flowers on each plant; it is very common at the senote Hodo where the most of the plants range from 6 to 10 ft. high; it is a delicate-looking Cactus of a light pea-green color, quite showy, the flowers are of a light green tinged with cream-color, they do not open out much but remain almost cylindrical. Living specimens were sent to Dr. Britton at Bronx Park. It blooms in May and is found about four leagues east of Izamal.
"648 was taken by myself at the port of Silam in 1894 and sent to Dr. Millspaugh. Only two plants were seen; one was about 10 ft. and the other 20 ft. high. It grows erect and the larger plant had but one branch. My son Geo. J. has failed to find it in the region of Progresso."
Since the above description was written, Dr. Gaumer has sent another plant (No. 23935) which we believe belongs here, althought it differs somewhat from the other plants. A cutting was sent to the New-York Botanical Garden which produced a bud in the spring of 1919 but this only partially developed. This plant may be described as follows:
Erect; ribs 5 to 7, separated by broad intervals; areoles 1 cm. apart; spines about 15, 2 to 3 cm. long, weak, gray in age; flower-bud acute, ovoid, covered with green imbricating scales."


Pachycereus: du grec pakhys, épais: cierge épais.
gaumeri: en l'honneur du naturaliste américain établit au Yucatán, George Franklin Gaumer (1850-1929), collecteur du type.

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Pachycereus gaumeri
Pachycereus gaumeri

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