Pachycereus orcuttii (Brandegee) Britton & Rose

Publication Contributions from the United States National Herbarium 12(10): 422 (1909).
Basionyme Cereus orcuttii Brandegee

Synonyme de

Pacherocactus orcuttii (Brandegee) G.D.Rowley



Pachycereus orcuttii (K. Brandegee).
Cereus orcuttii K. Brandegee, Zoe 5: 3. 1900.
Type locality: Rosario, Lower California.
Distribution: Known only from the type locality."

Des mêmes auteurs: The Cactaceae 2: 70 (1920):
"2. Pachycereus orcuttii (K. Brandegee) Britton and Rose, Contr. U. S. Nat. Herb. 12: 422. 1909.
Cereus orcuttii K. Brandegee, Zoe 5: 3. 1900.
"Stems erect, branching, bright green, reaching a height of 3 meters and a diameter of 15 cm., with hard woody center; ribs 14 to 18, about 1 cm. high; areoles round, about 6 mm. in diameter and about half that distance apart, densely covered with short, light gray wool; spines all slender, spreading, yellowish brown, irregularly 3-seriate; radials 12 to 20, about 12 mm. long, deficient above; intermediates about 10, one-third to more than twice as long, less spreading, one of the upper spines of this row usually stouter and darker, porrect, often reaching a length of 7 cm.; centrals about 5, porrect, spreading a little longer than the intermediates; flowers greenish brown, darker outside, diurnal, entire length about 4 cm.; petals short-apiculate; ovary densely covered with short scales, almost completely concealed by thick, rounded tufts of yellowish wool, in which are imbedded dark brown bristles 4 to 6 cm. long; stamens lining the upper half of the tube; style tips acute; fruit not known.
"The plant from which this description is drawn was obtained by Mr. C. R. Orcutt near Rosario, Baja California, in May 1886. It was brought to him by his guide, who found it off the trail some little distance. The cutting was planted in Mr. Orcutt's garden, and is now about 2 meters in height; has flowered but has formed no fruit. It is much the finest of the large Cerei of Baja California, being densely covered with bright yellow-brown spines."
Type locality: Rosario, Lower California.
Distribution: Known only from the type locality.
The above description and account are taken from Mrs. Brandegee's article in Zoe, June 1900. Dr. Rose saw the type plant in 1908 at San Diego, California, and at that time obtained a flower and bud from Mr. Orcutt. Afterwards Mr. Orcutt photographed the plant and a flower and sold the prints. The photograph has also been printed on card-board and distributed in an advertisement for Orcutt's American plants. A set of these photographs is in the National Herbarium."


Pachycereus: du grec pakhys, épais: cierge épais.
orcuttii: en l'honneur du collecteur états-unien Charles Russell Orcutt (1864-1929).

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image disponible Brandegee, Kate
image non disponible Britton, Nathaniel Lord
image non disponible Rose, Joseph Nelson

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image disponible Pachycereus (A.Berger) Britton & Rose 1909

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