Smiley help information

On this forum, you can make use of smileys. Smileys are strings of characters that will be displayed as an image when reading the message. Smileys are mostly used for expressing the author's mood. In the table below, you can find all smileys that are available. The "Where" column indicates where in your messages you can use the smiley (S = message subject, B = message body, BS = both).

Smiley Image Description Where
(pleurs) pleurs BS
(pelle) pelle BS
(cf1) cactus cf1 BS
(cf2) cactus cf2 BS
(cf3) cactus cf3 BS
(cf4) cactus cf4 BS
(cf5) cactus cf5 BS
(cf6) cactus cf6 BS
(cf7) cactus cf7 BS
(cf8) stapelia BS
(pot) pot BS
:pff: Yeux au ciel BS
(td) pas bien BS
(tu) bien BS
:'-( pleurs BS
+o( malade BS
:'( pleurs BS
:-( triste ou déçu BS
:-) sourire BS
:-/ dubitatif BS
:-D MdR, PdR (lol) BS
:-O surpris BS
:-P na na nere BS
;-) clin d'oeil BS
:$ oups BS
:( triste ou decu BS
:) sourire BS
:D MdR, PdR (lol) BS
:S Je comprends rien BS
:X colere BS
;) clin d'oeil BS
B) cool BS