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La source du chocolat?

English forum - Posted by peter 
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La source du chocolat?
June 16, 2010 09:26PM
These buds of Selenicereus mcdonaldiae are chocolate color when they first form.

Then it opens a little:

Then it opens a lot, even if it is raining:

Other recent photos:
A Weingartia

Opuntia humifisa, a native cactus:

O. rutila, one that grows well outside:

Echinocereus blooming:

An overview of the cactus bed:

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Re: La source du chocolat?
June 19, 2010 09:22AM
Hi Peter
Nice collection !
I see in your profil that you're in Pennsylvania "where the temperatures go to about -25°C in the very wet winter" : Your Opuntia rutila is outside on the picture, does it support these temperatures ? But not the Selenicereus I guess ?

Fabrice (Paname)
Le Cactus Heuristique
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Re: La source du chocolat?
June 21, 2010 03:09PM
Salut Fabrice. Thank you for your comments.
I used to be in love with the fragrance and form of these flowers, so I got seed and raised a whole lot of species. After a few years, some became too big to keep, so I have pared the collection down to just a few species of these monsters. (The flower on mcdonaldiae smells like an old musty book.)
I have been lucky to find a place that took my big plants (the Botanical gardens in Baltimore, Maryland. This is about 60k from here.) I also gave them my collection of Ferocactus that I grew from seed 15 years ago. Most of them (10 species) were about 15-20 cm dia.)
As a side note, I also have Selen. pteranthus blooming now, and the flowers look very similar to S. mcdonaldiae. One big difference is that the hairs on the buds are white as snow when they first form. I'll look for a photo or go take one.

Most of my Opuntias are planted outside (rustique) for obvious reasons. I have a few like O. rauhii that I grew from seed and would not live outside here. So yes, all of the cacti planted outside have seen temps below -20C. I also have an Escobaria that is hanging on after 10 years. I have found that Escobarias and Pediocactus need to be kept completely dry and cold in Dec-Feb to survive.

This is a spent flower on S. pteranthus. The next photo is the white-haired flower bud.

Three species of Cleistocactus in bloom.

Rhipsalis in bloom for the second time this year.

Just for pretty. The Mamm crest in bloom.

And one final photo. This is the fruit of Asimina triloba (paw paw), a local native fruit. I grew these from seed and now they produce fruit for me. Ah, le jardinage. C'est ca qui nous tien jeune.


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