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Fête des plantes de Locon (Locon, 62, France)
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24 mars 2019
Primavera (Montpellier, 34, France)
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Foire aux plantes rares de St-Priest (St-Priest, 69, France)
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English forum - Posted by Xewki 
November 05, 2015 02:03AM
I am looking for Pilosocerues: Azureus / Pachycladus / Fulfilanatus /Royrnii/ magnificus seeds or plants. Can anyone help please?
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Re: Pilosocereus
November 06, 2015 08:37PM
I know absolutely nothing about Cacti, but I do regularly buy succulent seed from CactusStore, who are based in Phoenix USA.
I just had a glance and they have Aureas/ Magnificus / Pachycladus seed all at 25 for $1.50. I pay about $5.00 postage to France, and I would expect delivery within a month.
I've used them, amongst other suppliers for a couple of years. The seed is usually quite good, with app. 60-70% germination for my Agave and Aloes. However, if you did try them and they were no good .... please don't blame me!
All the best

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