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Best grower in France/Europe- P. Batigne

English forum - Posted by jesuistresstupide 
I was wondering if anyone on this forum knows Pierre Batigne? I have probably watched about 100 of his videos on youtube since the spring and I'm convinced he has one of the best private collections in the world!!!!

What fascinates me is his 'old fashioned' form of cultivation. I believe he uses 1 part sand: 1 part garden soil (rich looking): 1 part compost.

I find that amazing since it is the exact opposite sort of substrate that is used in the USA!!!! Yet his results are superior to those of other serious collectors.

Does anyone know any more details about his cultivation? My knowledge of the French language is very limited and I can only get so much from his videos.
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Re: Best grower in France/Europe- P. Batigne
February 03, 2017 07:35PM
Pierre BATIGNE is the president of the association called '' AFACSX '' ( whose I am a member ).
I don't know a lot of things about him, but I can say he really like melocactus. Me too I'm very fanatic of his plentiful videos ! I have Watch all of this videos at least two or three time !
He's very experienced and knows a lot of informations about cacti.
You can contact him on his mail adress ( write in his videos ), but he don't speack English.

Vassya, 43 ( Haute-Loire )
Merci! I believe I will write him a google translated letter. You should visit him and report back on his growing methods!!!
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Re: Best grower in France/Europe- P. Batigne
April 18, 2017 12:31PM
I visit him in next week ! I want to know more informations about his methods sourire

Vassya, 43 ( Haute-Loire )
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Re: Best grower in France/Europe- P. Batigne
September 05, 2018 11:30AM

I am aware that this is an old post.
But, I am curious to know the typical substrate used in the USA for growing cactus as you said that it is very different from what Pierre Batigne uses (which is the typical method here) ?

Thanks a lot


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