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A list of good places to buy cactus seeds!

English forum - Posted by zackxoxo 
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A list of good places to buy cactus seeds!
May 20, 2020 07:54PM
I figured it might be useful to compose a list of reputable sellers of cacti and cactus seeds (also succulents in general), especially for those just starting out with this hobby. Please comment with your favorite sellers! I will be adding them to the wiki for future reference.

I will probably keep this post up for a month or two before unstickying it. It's staying since so many people like it.

Some of my favorites as well as user suggestions:

Misplant, Excellent Trichocereus seeds in the US. Very high standards. All grown in-nursery and not retail unless labeled otherwise., Excellent Trichocereus seeds in the US.

CactusStore, Wide variety of cacti and seeds in the US. Most seeds have high germ %.

Koehres, Massive selection in Germany, mostly purchased from private collectors. Usually good germination. High prices.

Kyle's Plants, Reputable Ebay seller of high-quality cacti and succulent plants in the US.

Altman Plants, Where all of the plants in big box stores come from in the US. They now have an online store.

Out-of-Africa-Plants, Mostly caudiciforms. Great prices and very nice plants. Some wild collected. US based.

Rare Succulents, Many rare and pricey plants for collectors. US based.

Cactus by Lin, excellent but small plants. US based.

Kevin of, High germ %, fresh Pachypodium seeds. US based. Will replace seeds for free and is an awesome person.

Mesa Gardens, US based with a massive selection of high germ % seeds. Frustrating order process. Some plants.

Arid Lands, US based plants.

Tropica Scandi, Ships to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Greenland.

Tropica Germany, Same as above. They have an Amazon page too which is easier to order from if you're in the states.

Corona Cactus Nursery, US based with lots of excellent plants at fair prices. They have an individual website as well but it's terribly designed.

The Succulent Source, US based, good selection.

Succulent Marketplace on Facebook, it can take a day or two until they approve you. Excellent vendors and prices.

World Seed Supply, US based with a wide selection of cactus and succulent seeds.

Huntington Botanical Gardens ISI list, self-explanatory!
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Re: A list of good places to buy cactus seeds!
May 21, 2020 04:45AM
ADBLPS : France based. Very high quality, good choice of cactus seeds, Field Number corresponding, low prices, photos gallery of 2868 mother plants.
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Re: A list of good places to buy cactus seeds!
June 28, 2020 12:16PM
Thank you for this!

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