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Biblio - Posted by Cactus et Agaves 
Re: Ebooks
November 21, 2009 06:28AM
Thank you, lobivia bien

I have some more questions.

What compression level of 150dpi jpegs within PDF is the best?
How do you produce OCR-ed files? What OCR programm do you use and what is other soft required for ocr-ebook preparation?

I have some experience in using free Scan Tailor and Scan Kromsator tools to automatically straighten pages and to make them of equal sizes. I think this allows to save time in comparison to Photoshop.
Fiche de membre Fiche de membre
Re: Ebooks
November 21, 2009 07:29AM
All depends on what you expect the reader will do…
    * If he reads only, low or medium quality is sufficient.
    * If he wants to use the picture, then medium or high quality is recommendad

I don't recommend Omnipage (Mac OS version); FineReader seems to be good, then Readiris… With Finereader you generate directly the pdf with a searchable text underlayer…

Any scan software allows obtaining page of equal size. Straightening is straightforward under photoshop which then allows image processing (constrast, spot erasing, background colour correction…). If you look at the plates of Britton and Rose in our e-library, you will discover (or learnclin d'oeil) that they have been reprocesseed… Finally, the most important: grammar and typo!

Dont' beleive that there is a general purpose and perfect software. Preparing an e-book from old books requires work! The "best" counter-example is given by Google-book and the very poor quality of many scans (folded pages, unfocused, wrong colors…). Quantity is not quality…

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