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19, 20 et 21 octobre 2018
Journées des Plantes de Chantilly (CHANTILLY, 60, France)
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20 et 21 octobre 2018
Fête des plantes du domaine de Péré (Prissé la Charrière, 79, France)
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20 et 21 octobre 2018
Portes ouvertes aux cactées de Saint-Jean (CLERIEUX, 26, France)
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3 et 4 novembre 2018
Journées des plantes à Bonrepos-Riquet (Bonrepos-Riquet, 31, France)
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11 novembre 2018
Festi' Jardin Nature et Plantes (Pibrac, 31, France)
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13 novembre 2018
Conférences de la SNHF (Paris, 75, France)
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17 novembre 2018
Réunion ARIDES aux serres d'Auteuil (Paris, 75, France)
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This web site is dedicated to cacti and other succulent plants. Its goal is to centralize as much as possible information for the enthusiasts growing such plants. The site is mainly in French.
So why a translated index ? Because the information in this web site can also be of interest for people travelling to French speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec): looking for adresses of nurseries, societies, events, botanic gardens, etc...

The tag [ translate ] will provide you an automatic translation from French to English. The result is not too bad, and sometime funny. Example : the French word for genera is translated into... kind !

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